Credit points system at EBC

In 2007 a new national system for course credits was introduced. Courses are awarded "högskolepoäng", abbreviated "hp" (higher education credits), corresponding to the European Credit Transfer System (1 hp = 1 ECTS credit). The total number of credit points required for a Licentiate degree is 20 hp, and for a PhD degree 40 hp. Each program has guidelines how this should be split into courses, introductory essay, seminars, excursions and literature studies. The exact composition for each student should be formulated in the individual study plan.

The professor responsible for postgraduate education at the program (forskarutbildningsansvarig professor) decides on the number of credit points for each activity. The following guidelines apply:

  • The basic pedagogical course at Uppsala University: 7.5 hp.
  • Literature: Depends on extent and scope of each book. Some programmes have their own guidelines.
  • International symposium: 2 hp if a talk or poster is presented. Total maximum of 6 hp.
  • Courses outside EBC: The professor at the programme decides. For courses in Sweden the organisers will normally recommend the number of points to be awarded.

Credit points should be reported to UPPDOK, which is the official register for study results. Each program has a person responsible for reporting to UPPDOK.