Principles of Data Visualisation

Course offered during the week of May 3-7 2021, but exact dates to be announced.

Contact. Jullie Blommaert (IOB),

To register, please fill in this form before April 25, 2021. Participation limited to 12 students so register early.

Course aims. After this course, you will understand and implement effective dataviz principles, and how to apply these principles to your own work.

Course content. This course will cover basic principles of data visualization, go over examples of different plot types and best practises. There will be background theory as well as practical aspects including the chance to bring one of your own datasets for plotting and visualisation. This course is not a course in how to use R or Python, although all examples will be in R and specifically ggplot2. You are welcome to work in whatever language you prefer, but some proficiency is expected.

Course organization. The course will be online, over zoom. It will run over a week, but not full days, and not each day. Maximum 12 students. (example schedule: Monday 13:00-16:00, Wednesday 10:00-12:00, Thursday “Office hours” all day, Friday 9:00-12:00)

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