Exit from postgraduate studies (1.5hp)

This course will be next offered: November 2023

Contact. Torsten Gunther, torsten.gunther@ebc.uu.se

Course aim. The aim of this course is to prepare and inform PhD students for the time after completing their degree. This includes illustrations of possible career paths as well as formalities and regulations.

Target group. This course is arranged by the Department of Organismal Biology, but gather a large number of doctoral students from across the faculty. See here for an account of the last edition.

Course content. The course will include general information about the job market for TekNat graduates, as well as more specific information about career options in academia and the private sector. The course will provide information on where and how to apply for research grants, planning a postdoc, general CV and application writing, documentation of pedagocial and teaching skills, and the social security system. The course will largely rely on contributions from invited speakers. 

Course organisation. The course will consist of five afternoon sessions with various invited speakers. In addition to presentations by the invited speakers, the course will include at least one group discussion with current and past PhD students and Postdocs. It is recommended to have completed more than 60% of the requirments for a PhD degree at TekNat before taking this course.

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