Funding opportunities for PhD students

Seek money for your research, travel, and more

Several small scholarships/grants are available for PhD students at Uppsala University. This is a great way to obtain money for purposes as different as traveling to a conference or pay the costs for a sequencing project.

Below we list some scholarships available to PhD students, with a brief indication of the scope and approximate period for applying. Please check the corresponding websites for more information.

Uppsala University has also a general page to search for scholarships.

As well, scholarships administered by the Nations.

Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse
Research grants (incl. equipment) and travel grants.
Application period: December 1-February 1

Lars Hiertas Minne Stiftelsen
Grants with a broad purpose (research, travel), for amounts lower than 50,000 SEK.
Application period: August 15-October 1

Erik Philip-Sörensen's Foundation
Grants for genetic research.
Application period: July 19 - September 19

Westin, Ellen and Tage
Funding available to support research that is important for the development of agriculture.
Check regularly to see when calls open.

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Many different kinds of scholarships, grants, scientific exchange and research fellow positions.
Application throughout the year, check regularly

Royal Physiographic Society of Lund
Various research and travel grants.
Application throughout the year, check regularly

Last modified: 2023-05-31