Courses for PhD students

Postgraduate education

Continuous education is an essential part of PhD studies, and students can take a wide range of courses in agreement with their supervisor and director of studies. The number of course credits required for a licentiate or doctoral degree is determined by the study plans for each subject; the courses that the students must follow are decided in the individual study plan.

Mandatory courses

There are three mendatory courses for all PhD students in biology.

Other courses

Courses offered by the Biology Section:

There are a number of PhD courses offered at both the Evolutionary Biology Center (EBC) and the Biomedical Center (BMC) by the three research departments within the Biology Section.

More courses, at Uppsala and elsewhere:

SciLifeLab offers many popular courses among PhD students, centered around wet lab methods and bioinformatics. Check regularly for updates.

There are a number of courses offered by the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University.

Some other opportunities:
Workshops in genomics - Cesky Krumlov
Graduate Research School in Genomic Ecology - Lund University
EMBO courses
Advanced Research Training Courses - Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole
Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory courses

Crash courses

In addition to the existing PhD courses where the students can earn high-education credits, the PhD School in Biology encourages researchers from all levels to organise shorter crash courses on any topics of interest. The idea is to provide targeted training in needed areas in workshop formats, lasting 1-2 days or less, with simplified organisation and taught by experts willing to share their expertise "for free" (from PhD students to professors). This can be especially beneficial for postdocs, who need hard-to-get teaching experience to be competitive on the academic job market.

The PhD School can provide organisational help, for example by reaching out to the students using our mailing list, posting information on this website, or by booking rooms. As a reward, beside contributing to improved education for our students, a teacher certificate will be offered.

Examples of possible topics include:

  • Introduction to the UNIX command line
  • How to run a qPCR
  • Design a FISH probe
  • Population genetics tools
  • Many, many more topics

See here for a list of crash courses organised.

Get in touch

By filling the form below, you express interest to organise a crash course. We are actively looking for experts willing to organise crash courses within the PhD School.

For suggesting topics, get in touch with the PhD School coordinator (

More on Postgraduate Studies

All the information you need about postgraduate studies can be found at the faculty web pages, both for enrolled and future students.

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