Who are we?

The Biology PhD School is open to all biology students at Uppsala University. That includes students in all three biology departments (ICM, IEG, IOB), as well as students from other departments within the Faculty of Science and Technology who feel that they would benefit from increased interactions with biologists.

Our main goals are to:

  • Connect and Inspire: Foster a connected community of PhD students across biology

We will organise a PhD Symposium (early February 2023) for PhD students to increase the interactions between departments and buildings (BMC and EBC).

  • Contribute to Interdisciplinary Training: Facilitate key learning opportunities across biological disciplines

We will organise a short workshop on "Artificial Intelligence Tools for Biology" (Spring 2023). Stay tuned for updates!

Do you have suggestions?

We strongly encourage PhD students to be involved and to suggest proposals for activities.The proposals for activities should mainly come from participants and are made to the School Director. Feel free to get in touch to informally discuss proposals.

To suggest an activity, please send the following information with as much details as possible:

  1. Your name and host department
  2. The title, topic, and focus of the suggested activity
  3. A description of the target group of people for the suggested activity (e.g. size and background)
  4. A detailed description about content, format, responsible organizer, suitable teachers, etc
Last modified: 2023-05-31