Getting started with R (1hp)

January 18-20, 2021, each day 9-12 and 13-16, EBC, Norbyvägen 18D, room 1100 or on zoom (will be announced later)

Teacher: Sophie Karrenberg (

This course is suitable for doctoral students as well as researchers or teachers who wish to transition to R from other statistical programs. No previous experience with R is needed, however, some education in basic statistics is desirable. We will focus on becoming functional and efficient when using R and R Studio. 

The course will cover: data loading and manipulation, R command structure, common basic statistics (for example ANOVA and regression), some graphs, and a very brief introduction to programming structures. A large part of the course will be spent on practice sessions. Please bring your laptop to the course, preferably with R and R Studio already installed (see and

This course can be taken in combination with "Modern statistics in natural sciences” (information will appear soon at

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