Biology is educating biologists in a large spread of areas, such as cell biology, ecology, evolution, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, conservation, structural biology, systematics, toxicology, etc. Biology is also educating biotechnology and bioinformatic engineers, as well as teachers in biology and science. The education at biology is carried out on different levels, from bachelors to postgraduate. Biology is also doing commissioned education within biology.

Undergraduate education

IBG (Biology Education Centre) is managing all undergraduate education within biology, biotechnology and bioinformatics at Uppsala University. At IBG you can take everything from beginner's courses in biology to advanced courses in specialised areas. IBG is also responsible for a number of bachelor and master programmes, as well as the five year Master Programme in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering.

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Postgraduate education

Biology at Uppsala University is one of the world's leading research and science institutions, attracting researchers and students from all around the world. The research at Biology is an essential part of the postgraduate education and the courses given. Postgraduate education is given by all three research departments, as well as the Graduate School on Genomes and Phenotypes.

Postgraduate research