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Biology is one of six areas at the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology and consists of four departments: Ecology and Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Organismal Biology and Biology Education Centre. Both research and education is carried out in the area of Biology. Biology also includes the Botanical Garden and Swedish Biodiversity Centre.


Staffan Svärd

Heads of department

Biology Education Centre

Henning Blom

Cell and Molecular Biology

David van der Spoel

Ecology and Genetics

Lars Tranvik

Organismal Biology

Johan Ledin

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Biology is located primarily at Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC) and Biomedical Centre (BMC). Evolutionary Genetics and Organismal Biology is located at EBC. You find Cell and Molecular Biology at BMC. Biology Education Centre has offices at both EBC and BMC. Botanical Garden administration can be found at Villavägen 8. Swedish Biodiversity Centre can be found at University of Agricultural Sciences' Ulltuna Campus at Almas allé 8.

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